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President's Message


A technology and engineering teacher shares the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary for students to develop the technological literacy students need” but I like to say, as technology teachers, we go to work each day and it is NOT work – it is a fun, exciting day filled with new ideas, content and projects.

I hope you feel the same as I do - In a perfect world, we would plan, train, and engage with technology to keep ahead of our students (at least 2-3 days ahead). But, since we clearly don’t live or work in a perfect world, we must attain and maintain a growth mindset for learning and implementing technology into our daily instruction.  As a member of TEAI, we will work together to help, through conferences, professional development, and networking, we can do this.

The board members of TEAI are also reflecting on the past year as we plan for next year’s ITEC. We are working hard to create a valuable and relevant conference that provides meaningful professional development. As experts of teaching by “Hands-On” we need your help. As a board, we can we rely on you for session proposals to demonstrate the new exciting activities you are doing in your classroom. I want to personally invite you to present at the next ITEC and at professional development opportunities provided by TEAI throughout the year.

Because Of A Teacher! Because Of YOU! Thank You for everything you do each and every day to support and promote Technology and Engineering Education throughout Illinois. 

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If you have any feedback, questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any of the other board members.

Don Whitman



TEAI Board Meetings - Anyone who is interested in Tech Ed is invited to join us as a "guest of the board" please contact any board member for more information.


Technology Education Association of Illinois
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